Thursday, November 13, 2008

Turkish Chicken & Turkey Recipes (Tavuk ve Hindi Yemek Tarifleri)

Picture Recipe Name
Chicken Liver with Rice (Pirincli Tavuk Cigeri)

BBQ Yogurt Marinated Chicken (Yogurt Marineli Barbeku Tavuk)
Leeks with Chicken Liver (Tavuk Cigerli Pirasa)
Stir Fried Chicken Cubes (Kizarmis Kusbasi Tavuk)
Turkey with White-Sour Sauce (Eksili-Beyaz Soslu Hindi)
Baked Whole Chicken with Vegetables (Firinda Sebzeli Butun Tavuk)
Sauteed Chicken (Tavuk Sote)
Turkey Stew with Potatoes (Patatesli Hindi Yahnisi)
Chicken Patties (Tavuk Koftesi)
Chicken Liver Saute (Tavuk Cigeri Sote)
Baked Tomato Chicken (Firinda Domatesli Tavuk)
Zucchini with Bechamel Sauce (Besamel Soslu Kabak)
Crispy Fried Chicken (Kizarmis Citir Tavuk)
Chicken Pilaf (Tavuklu Pilav)
Kebab with Bay Leaves (Defneli Kebap)
Shallow Fried Chicken Liver (Tavuk Cigeri Kavurmasi)
Spinach Turkey/Chicken (Ispanakli Hindi/Tavuk)
Chicken with Tomato Sauce (Domates Soslu Tavuk)
Chicken Stew with Onions (Soganli Tavuk Yahnisi)
Leeks with Chicken Liver (Tavuk Cigerli Pirasa)
Roasted Turkey (Firinda Kizarmis Hindi)
Maklube (Pilaf with Layered Chicken/Meat and Potatoes)
Shallow Fried Chicken Gizzards (Kavrulmus Tavuk Tasligi)
Chicken/Meat Casserole (Balkan Guveci)
Mushroom Kebab with Chicken (Tavuklu Mantar Kebabi)
Baked Whole Chicken (Firinda Kizarmis Butun Tavuk)


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