Thursday, December 11, 2008

Red Lentil Soup (Kirmizi Mercimek Corbasi)

1 medium onion, chopped
1 large potato, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 cup red lentil, washed and drained
6-7 cups hot water ( you can add 1 cube of beef bouillon)
1 tbsp salt
A pinch of dry mint(optional)

2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp red pepper
A pinch of salt
You can use hot red pepper if you like.

In a medium sized pot place the oil and chopped onion. At medium heat, sauté them and add the tomato paste, chopped carrots and potatoes and sauté them for about extra 2-3 minutes. Add the washed and drained red lentils, salt and hot water. Stir well.
Cook until the carrots and potatoes are soft. (Approximately 10-15 minutes in medium-low heat) With a blender mix the soup thoroughly (see the picture). If it is too thick, you can add some more water and adjust according to your sense of taste.
For the garnish in a small frying pan, place the butter and melt over low-medium heat. When it starts spitting, stir in the red pepper and salt. Then, pour the melted butter and pepper mixture over the soup. You can add some dry mint on top if you like mint.
Serve the red lentil soup while still hot, and also add a few drops of lemon juice for a better taste.
1 orta boy sogan, dogranmis
1 buyuk patates, ufak dogranmis
1 havuc, dogranmis ya da rendelenmis
2 yemek kasigi sivi yag
1 yemek kasigi domates salcasi
1 su bardagi kirmizi mercimek, yikanip suzulmus
6-7 su bardagi sicak su( 1 dana bulyon ilave edebilirsiniz)
1 yemek kasigi tuz
Bir tutam nane (istege bagli)

Suslemek icin:
2 yemek kasigi tereyag
1 yemek kasigi kirmizi biber
Bir tutam tuz
Istege gore aci pul biber kullanilabilir.

Orta boy bir tencereye sivi yag ve sogani koyup, orta ateste sogani kavurun. Domates salcasini, havuclari, patatesi ilave ederek 2-3 dakika sote edin. Yikanmis kirmizi mercimegi, tuz ve sicak suyu ilave edin, guzelce karistirin.
Patates ve havuclar yumusayana dek pisirin. (Yaklasik 10-15 dakika, kisik ateste) Sonra, blendir yardimiyla corbayi guzelce karistirin (resime bakin). Kivami koyu olduysa, biraz daha su ilave ederek zevkinize gore ayarlayin.
Kucuk bir kizartma tavasinda tereyagini dusuk ateste eritin. Cizirdamaya baslayinca, kirmizi biberi ve tuzu karistirarak ilave edin. Yag karisimini corbanin uzerine dokun. Isterseniz biraz kuru nane de ilave edebilirsiniz.
Kirmizi mercimek corbasini sicak servis yapin, ve daha lezzetli olmasi icin bir kac damla limon suyu ilave edin.


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say the dry mint is optional, imho it's an essential ingredient and provides for a lot of what makes this soup so delicious

Caren said...

I always order this soup when I am at a Turkish restaurant, it is my altime favourite. I made this recipe today and it came out great, just like the restaurant. Loved it. Thanks for posting.

Mikester said...

I love this soup! Thanks for the recipe, I'll be trying it very soon.
Mercimek çorba seviyorum, çok teşekkϋrederim!

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

Good luck Mike, your Turkish is perfect!

Gitte said...

How much is 1 cup in milliliter?

turkishfoodandrecipes said...


A cup is between 200-250 ml.



Bethany said...

Made this and LOVED it! My friends enjoyed it too. It's a must to serve with lemon!

Creative Iatrogenist said...

This was just delicious, with garlic added to the vegetable sauté, before adding the lentils. Also added some paprika for the topping. The lemon at the table really made this come alive

Anonymous said...

Totally delicious! Followed recipe exactly and my entire family loved it. Tastes just like the soup from the Turkish restaurant. Well done!! Thanks for the recipe.

MESIgoal said...

Eğer yemek için her zaman lezzetli tercih ederseniz, o zaman para yoksa, paraya mal olduğunu bilmek istiyorum, ama orada arzu, o zaman ben her zaman kar yükseltmek için olsun burada olduğu gibi, bu yerde dikkatinizi çekmek için tavsiye ederim

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this easy recipe. It has become my go-to dish, and I have made it many times for friends and family, including my good Turkish friend. Everyone has really enjoyed it. The mint and garnish make a huge difference--I never make the soup without them. I didn't have a blender a few times I made it, and I think it actually tastes great with chunks in it as well.

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