Friday, January 11, 2008

History of Inegol Kofte

In 19th century, about 80 years ago, some Turkish people immigrated to Bursa from Filibe-Pazarcik in Bulgaria. They were cooking small grilled meatballs and then opened a restaurant and starts selling these meatballs as “Inegol Kofte”. People enjoyed Inegol Kofte and from now on it’s become a delicious, signature Bursa-Inegol meal.
The secret of Inegol Kofte is the mixture of the ground meat and kneading it.
It’s generally made by mixing lamb and ground beef and without adding spice it’s kneaded and left in the fridge for 1-2 nights.


Anonymous said...

I somehow doubt that poor bulgaristan emigrants had fridges at those times. What did they use then? I suppose they just put the ground meat aside for some time,"to rest" in a cool place.

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