Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turkish Breads (Ekmekler)

PictureRecipe Name
Focaccia Bread (Baharatli Italyan Pidesi)
100% Whole Wheat Bread (100% Tam Bugday Unlu Ekmek)
Herb Battered Bread (Baharatli Ekmek)
Victorian Milk Bread (Sutlu Ekmek)
Turkish Bread (Turk Ekmegi)
Flower Bread (Cicek Ekmek)
Turkish Pide Bread (Ramazan Pidesi)
Walnut Bread Rolls (Cevizli Ekmek)
Bread Rolls with Cheese (Lorlu Ekmek)
No Knead Bread (Yogurmadan Ekmek)
Croutons (Kizarmis Ekmek)


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Gerry said...

So many variety of breads.

website said...

Wow! I hope I can try one of these. Thank you!

implantytorun said...

Uch! It looks good,I'll try it out next weekend! said...

I try new things lately. Turkish food is one of them!

Dentysta ToruĊ„ said...

They all look delicious, I don't know which one to choice.