Thursday, December 10, 2009

Browned Couscous (Kavrulmus Kuskus)

1 lb couscous
5-6 cups hot water
3-4 tbsp margarine/butter/oil
1 tbsp salt to taste

Place butter/margarine/oil and couscous in a pot/saucepan and sauté over low-medium heat till they get lightly browned. Then, add hot water carefully and salt to taste. Bring to a boil and close the lid. Simmer in low heat till the couscous absorbs all the water.
Serve warm.

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450-500 gr kuskus
5-6 su bardagi sicak su
3-4 yemek kasigi margarin/tereyag/sivi yag
1 yemek kasigi tuz

Tereyag/margarin/sivi yag ve kuskusu bir tencereye alin. Orta ateste kuskuslar pembelesene dek kavurun. Sonra, sicak suyu dikkatlice ilave edin. Tuzu da ilave edin ve kapagini kapatarak kaynamasini bekleyin. Kisik ateste suyunu cekene dek pisirin.
Sicak servis yapin.

Ana Sayfaya Don


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