Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homemade Mediterranean Olives (Evde Sele Zeytini Yapimi)

2 kg (~4 lb) ripe uncured black olives
750 (~1 ½ lb) gr pickling salt/kosher salt
1/3 cup canola/vegetable oil

Wash and drain the ripe uncured black olives. Preferably use a glass jar (3 liter volume will work) and layer with olives and salt till fitting all the olives in the jar. Place in a dark and cool place. Turn the jar upside down every day to help the salt pieces to move around evenly for about 25 days. Drain if there is water collected in the bottom. After doing this for 25 days curing will be completed. Transfer the olives over a wide big bowl and take the olives and leave the salt. You can either take the olives into the same jar or use another container. Add some canola/vegetable oil and mix all olives. Keep the olives in the refrigerator or a cool place.
2 kg taze zeytin
750 gram iri tuz/kaya tuzu
100 ml zeytinyagi/kanola yagi

Zeytinleri yıkayıp suyunu suzun. Tercihen cam kavanoza (3 litrelik yeterli) bir kat zeytin bir kat tuz olarak dizin. Tercihen karanlik ve serin  bir yerde saklayin. Her gun kavanozu alt ust ederek calkalayin. Tuzların yer değiştirmesini sağlayarak bu işlemi 25 gün boyunca tekrarlayin. Biriken suyu varsa surekli suzulur. Sonra geniş bir kaba bosaltin ve zeytinleri tuzun içinden alarak tekrar cam kavanoza veya başka bir kaba alın. Uzerine kanola yaği dokun ve zeytinlerin her tarafına esit olarak yayılması sağlayin. Serin bir yerde veya buz dolabında saklayin.
Zeytinler afiyetle yemeye hazirdir.

3 comments: said...

Thanks so much for this post. I love olives and would like to prepare them from scratch..Now thanks to you I can.

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

I wish I could find fresh unripe olives in Kentucky.
Hope you can find them and good luck.
You'll love them!


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