Monday, June 17, 2013

Asparagus with Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Kuskonmaz)

1 bunch asparagus (1 lb)
2 medium carrots, julienne cut
1 onion, julienne cut
3 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
5-6 mushrooms, sliced/quartered
2-3 tomatoes, crushed
1 tsp salt to taste
½ tsp sugar
½ tsp fresh black pepper
4-5 Tbsp olive oil
½ cup hot water
Dill for garnish
Chop the onions and garlic. Cover the bottom of the pot with them. Place a layer of asparagus cut into ~1 inch length. Then, cover them with julienne cut carrots and sliced mushrooms. Finally, spread crushed tomatoes all over. Sprinkle with salt and sugar. Drizzle with olive oil and add hot water. Add some fresh black pepper. Close the lid and cook over low heat until the carrots are cooked (for about 30-35).
Serve either hot or cold with fresh dill on top if desired.
1 demet kuskonmaz (1/2 kg)
2 havuc, julyen dogranmis
1sogan, piyazlik dogranmis
3 dis sarimsak, ince dogranmis
5-6 mantar, dilimlenmis
2-3 tane domates, rendelenmis
1 tatli kasigi tuz
1 cay kasigi seker
1 cay kasigi karabiber
4-5 yemek kasigi zeytinyagi
½ su bardagi sicak su
Uzeri icin taze dereotu
Sogan ve sarimsaklari dograyip tencerenin dibine yayin. Uzerine 3 cm uzunlugunda dogradiginiz kuskonmazlari yerlestirin.  Onlarin uzerine julyen dogradiginiz havuclari ve uzerine de dilimlediginiz mantarlari yerlestirin.
Son olarak rendelenmis domatesi butun tencerenin uzerinde gezdirin. Tuz ve sekeri serpin. Zeytinyagini da her yere esit yayilacak sekilde gezdirin ve sicak suyu ilave edin. Taze ogutulmus karabiber ilave edin. Kapagi kapali olacak sekilde kisik ateste havuclar pisene dek yaklasik 30-35 dakika pisirin.
Arzuya gore sicak veya soguk olarak uzerine dere otu koyarak servis yapin.

8 comments: said...

Great dish and it looks delicious.

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Ruth said...


(I made it with green bean instead of asparagus, but still great.)

I'd wake up on these hot summer mornings craving a dish of it cold. Made a great treat for a few days. said...

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badana mantolama said...

Asparagus with Olive Oil is something exceptionally original, I really like its ingredients! The only one thing I'd prefer to remove from the list of components is garlic!

Anonymous said...

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