Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leeks with Beef (Etli Pirasa)

2-3 pieces of leek, washed and cut in chunks
1-2 carrots, sliced round
150 gr beef, cut in cubes
2 tbsp canola/olive oil
1 cup water
1 tbsp flour
1 tsp salt to taste

2 tbsp lemon juice

Cook the meat cubes in a pot with their own juice, till they get soft over low-medium heat. Then stir in oil and flour, cook for 1-2 minutes stirring occasionally. Add leek chunks, carrots and salt, cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. Then stir in water and bring to a boil. Then close the lid and simmer over low heat till the leeks and carrots get soft (16-20 minutes).
In a small bowl, whisk egg and lemon juice and pour a few spoons of juice of the leek dish into the bowl and mix with the sauce. Then slowly pour the sauce into the pot stirring continuously. Simmer for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle some black pepper if desired and serve Leeks with Beef warm.

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2-3 tane pirasa, yikanmis ve 1 ½ cm kalinliginda dogranmis
1-2 tane havuc, yuvarlak kesilmis
150 gr dana eti, kusbasi dogranmis
2 yemek kasigi kanola/zeytinyagi
1 su bardagi su
1 yemek kasigi un
1 tatli kasigi tuz

1 yumurta
2 yemek kasigi limon suyu

Bir tencerede once eti kendi suyu ile kisik ateste pisirin. Et yumusayinca kanola/zeytinyagini ve unu ilave edip karistirarak 1-2 dakika cevirin. Sonra pirasa, havuc ve tuzu ilave edin. Orta ateste 2-3 dakika kavurun. Suyu ilave edin ve kaynamaya baslayinca kisik atese alip kapagini kapatin. Havuc ve pirasalar pisene dek yaklasik 16-20 dakika pisirin.
Kucuk bir kasede yumurta ve limon suyunu iyice cirpin. Yemegin suyundan bir kac kasik alip sosun icine karistirin. Sonra yavasca sosu yemege karistirarak dokun. Bir kac dakika daha pisirin.
Arzu ederseniz uzerine karabiber serpin ve Etli Pirasa’yi sicak olarak servis yapin.
Afiyet Olsun


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. How many servings does the recipe make? (Looks like 2?)

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

It's delicious and healthy. It makes about 3-4 servings, but you know it depends on your portions:)

Stacey said...

This IS delicious! We really liked this recipe. We were not sure how it was going to come out, and it came out beautifully! It has a lovely, mild taste. We did use a cheaper cut of meat, but we just cooked it longer, and it came out nice and tender.

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