Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chicken Breast Milk Pudding (Yalanci Tavuk Gogsu)

1 lt milk
1 ½ cup sugar
125-150 gr butter/margarine
1 tsp vanilla extract/1 package vanilla powder
1 tbsp starch
¾ cup flour

Melt the butter/margarine in a pot and then sauté flour and starch till the mixture gets yellow (about 2-3 minutes over medium heat). Add milk and sugar. Stir continuously to prevent sticking to the bottom. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and cook until it gets thick (3-5 minutes). Then stir in vanilla and turn the heat off.
Mix it with a blender or mixer for about 2-3 minutes to obtain a thick and nice consistency. Pour the Chicken Breast with Milk Pudding into a Pyrex Dish and cover. Leave it in the fridge for 5-6 hours to cool.
Before serving you can sprinkle cinnamon, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or almonds on top. Cut it into square pieces and serve.

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1 lt sut
1 ½ su bardagi seker
125-150 gr margarin/tereyag
1 paket vanilya/1 tatli kasigi vanilya ekstrakti
1 yemek kasigi nisasta
¾ su bardagi un

Bir tencerede margarin/tereyagini eritin ve orta ateste nisasta ve unu yag ile 2-3 dakika kavurun. Rengi hafif sariya donecektir. Sonra sutu ve sekeri ilave edin. Surekli karistirarak dibinin tutmasini engelleyin. Karisim yavas yavas koyulasinca ve kaynamaya baslayinca hafife alin ve karistirmaya devam edin.
Uc-bes dakika pisirin ve vanilyayi ilave edip atesten alin. Mikser ya da blendir yardimi ile 2-3 dakika cirpin. Boylece daha koyu ve guzel bir kivam elde edeceksiniz.
Borcam tepsiye Yalanci Tavuk Gogsu’nu dokun ve uzerini kapatarak buzdolabinda 5-6 saat boyunca sogumasini bekleyin.
Cikardiktan sonra uzerine tarcin, ceviz, badem, findik ya da antep fistigi serpin. Kare seklinde parcalara kesip servis yapin.


My Turkish Kitchen said...

En sevdigim sutlu tatli, uzerine bol tarcinla harika olur. Cok guzel gorunuyor, eline saglik.

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