Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pan Seared Snapper (Levrek Tava)

3-4 snapper or firm white fish fillets
2 tbsp olive oil
Lime wedges
1 tsp salt to taste
¼ tsp black pepper

1 tbsp parsley/cilantro, finely chopped
1 ½ tbsp butter, softened
½ tbsp green onion, finely chopped
½ tsp lime rind, grated
¼ tsp ground ginger

Mix all the sauce ingredients and cover. Leave in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
Heat up olive oil in a frying pan. Rub Snapper or other white fish you have with salt and sprinkle black pepper to taste. Shallow fry them turning both sides till they get lightly brown and fluffy.
Spread the sauce you were keeping in the fridge over the cooked fillets and serve hot with lemon wedges.
Garnish with radishes if desired.
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Back to Main Page TURKCE3-4 levrek ya da diger beyaz sert balik filetosu
Limon dilimleri
2 yemek kasigi zeytinyagi
1 tatli kasigi tuz
½ cay kasigi karabiber
1 yemek kasigi maydanoz/kisnis yapragi, ince dogranmis
1 ½ yemek kasigi tereyag, yumusak
½ yemek kasigi yesil sogan, ince dogranmis
1 cay kasigi limon rendesi
½ cay kasigi zencefil tozu

Once sos malzemeleri kucuk bir kapta karistirin ve buzdolabinda en az 1 saat bekletin.
Kizartma tavasinda zeytinyagini kizdirin . Levrek ya da beyaz balik filetolarini tuz ile ovun ve karabiber serpin. Kizgin yagda her iki taraflari da kizarana dek pisirin.
Buzdolabinda bekletilen sosu baliklarin uzerine surunve limon dilimleriyle sicak servis yapin.
Arzu ederseniz kucuk kirmizi turplar ile susleyebilirsiniz.
Baligin faydalari icin tiklayin

Ana Sayfaya Don


Lea said...

I have never made this kind of recipe, but I love the idea of making one. And I bet i will make it as good as yours. This looks delicious!

cyclegirl808 said...

Glad I found your site. I had a turkish neighbor for a few months here in Okinawa. I miss her and her food. She taught me a few dishes and I am looking foward to trying your dishes. She liked it HOT but I am a milder person so I wont be using as mich hotness. This looks like a great recipe and I am off to the fish market now!

Tinny said...

This looks yummy. I've never had snapper. Is it a flaky or oily type of fish? I married a Turkish guy and your website is lovely for making him Turkish food, so thank you :)

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

It's a flaky and low fat fish and it tastes so good.
I suggest you to give a try.
It's good to hear you like my website.

Anonymous said...

Hello i love your recipes i have made many of them and they came out great. I have a question i hope you know how to make it and if you can add the recipe it will be very sweet of you, i was watching tv the other day and the guy was making Perdia Pilav i hope i wrote it right, I didn't understand what he was saying so if you know what i am talking about it will be very sweet of you if you add that recipe. thank you may god bless you and reward you for all these wonderful recipes. :).

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

I've the recipe for 'Perde Pilavi' in my waiting list so, I'll definitely post it for you as soon as possible.
Thanks so much for your great comments.

Anonymous said...

Snapper is mercan. Sea bass is levrek. completely different fish - completely different taste/texture.