Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Turkish Milk Pudding (Muhallebi)

1 lt milk (5 cups)
1-1½ cup sugar
4-5 tbsp flour
125 gr butter/margarine (1 stick)
1 tsp vanilla extract/1 package ground vanilla or mastic/mastic gum
Crushed nuts or cinnamon for garnish

In a pot, sautee margarine/butter and flour over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes. Then stir in milk and sugar and stir continuously. If you’ll use mastic gum, add it. Then stir till the pudding becomes thick, turn heat low and cook for 3-4 minutes. If you’ll use vanilla instead of mastic gum, then add vanilla, stir and turn the heat off.
Transfer the Milk Pudding into glass or porcelain cups and let it cool. Garnish with any kinds of crushed nuts or cinnamon.
P.S: Do not sprinkle the cinnamon right after you pour the pudding into bowls. This would let the microorganisms grow fast contacting the cinnamon with the hot surface of the pudding and this may lead to food borne diseases. Make sure you sprinkle the cinnamon just before serving the cooled pudding.

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1 lt sut (5 su bardagi)
1-1 ½ su bardagi seker
4-5 yemek kasigi un
125 gr margarin/tereyag
1 paket vanilya/1 tane damla sakizi
Ogutulmus ceviz/findik/badem veya tarcin

Tencerede margarin/tereyag ve unu orta ateste kavurun (2-3 dakika). Sonra sut ve sekeri ilave edin ve surekli karistirarak yapismasini engelleyin. Eger damla sakizli yapacak iseniz sakizi icine atin. Muhallebi koyulasip kivamini bulunca, atesi kisin ve 3-4 dakika surekli karistirarak pisirin. Damla sakizi yerine vanilya kullaniyorsaniz vanilyayi ilave edin, karistirip atesten alin.
Muhallebiyi cam veya porselen kaplara paylastirin ve sogumasini bekleyin. Servis yapmadan once uzerini tarcin veya istediginiz malzemele ile susleyin.
NOT: Tarcini muhallbiyi kaselere doker dokmez koymayin. Cunku; mikroorganizmalar tarcin ve sicak muhallebinin temasiyla; yuzeyde hizla ureyecektir. Bu durum gida zehirlenmesine yol acabilir. Tarcini servis yapmadan hemen once sogumus muhallebiye serpin.


My Turkish Kitchen said...

Basit ve lezzetli bir tatli, ben de cok severim ve sik sik yaparim.

Anonymous said...

turkish foord is the best especially the desserts. i love it

Unknown said...

I have used this website for the last 2-3 years for almost every Turkish recipe that I make for my Turkish husband and to feed our daughter as well. So far, everything has been delicious. However, I wanted to mention that I tried this dessert and I believe there must be a mistake with the recipe. I followed it exactly as it says, and even looked at it again after making, but I realize that I did not make any mistakes. This dessert did not become thick at all. Also, after pouring into serving dishes, the butter separated and rose to the surface in a layer. In order not to waste it, I removed the layer of butter before drinking the dessert as a beverage. My husband looked at the recipe and compared with some other recipes for Muhallebi online and said that the butter is too much in this one. Sugar as well. I'm not sure why it didn't thicken. Perhaps cornstarch or rice starch would be better than flour. I'm surprised that no one else commented about this. Please let me know if I'm wrong. I was so disappointed.