Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fried Anchovy (Hamsi Tava)

1 pkg (454gr- 1lb) frozen anchovy, defrosted
1/3 cup flour
1tsp salt
½ cup sunflower oil/ canola oil/ corn oil (optional)

Cut the heads off (optional, heads absorb too much oil). Gut the anchovy and wash with cold water, drain. Put them in a bowl, sprinkle the salt and blend.
Pour the oil into a large skillet and heat it up over high-medium heat. Place the flour in a plate and dip the anchovy by holding from its tail. To remove the excess flour, shake the fish off.
Fry till they turn to a red fried color, approximately for 4-5 minutes. Turn halfway through. When they are done, place the fried anchovy on a plate with paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Serve with lemon.
Also arugula, lemon, onion and radish go well with fried anchovy.
PS: While thawing the frozen fish, first leave it in the fridge (4C) for 12 hours, then thaw it at room temperature for 4-5 hours and cook immediately. Also, you can thaw in cold water. Make sure that you do not leave the frozen fish directly at the room temperature. This would cause the pathogenic organisms to grow and spread over the fish quickly.
½ kg (500 gr) donmus/taze hamsi
1/3 su bardagi un
2 cay kasigi tuz
½ su bardagi sivi yag

Hamsilerin kafalarini keserek ya da kesmeden pisirebilirsiniz. Kafalari cok fazla yag cekecektir. Karinlarindan yarip, iclerini temizleyin ve soguk suda guzelce yikayip, suzulmesini bekleyin.
Yikanmis baliklari bir kaseye alin ve tuz serpip, harmanlayin. Genis bir tavada yagi kizdirin. Unu bir tabaga alin ve hamsileri kuyruklarindan tutarak una bulayin, fazla unu silkeleyin ve kizgin yaga koyun.
Orta ateste, hamsiler kizarana dek her iki tarafini da pisirin. Pisirdiginiz hamsileri uzerinde kagit havlu bulunan bir tabaga alin, boylece fazla yag havluya gececektir. Sonra servis tabagina alin ve limon ile servis yapin.
Ayrica, hamsi ile roka, turp, sogan ve limon iyi gider.
NOT: Dondurulmus balik cozundururken; once dolapta (4C) 12 saat boyunca bekletin. Sonra oda sicakliginda 4-5 saat boyunca cozundurun ve hemen pisirin. Ya da soguk su icinde cozundurun. Dondurulmus baligi direk oda sicakliginda cozundurmemeye dikkat edin. Cunku bu hastalik yapici organizmalarin hemen gelismesine ve baligin uzerinde yayilmasina sebep olacaktir.


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