Friday, December 12, 2008

Turkish Coffee With Milk (Sutlu Turk Kahvesi)

1 tsp Turkish Coffee
1 tsp sugar
1 Turkish coffee cup of milk (see the picture)

Put the coffee and sugar in the coffeepot (cezve: see the picture) and stir. Fill the Turkish coffee cup with milk, leaving some room at the top and add the milk to the cezve.
Put it on high heat and stir with a spoon to let the sugar dissolve and coffee to mix with the water. When it starts being foamy on the surface, take some of the foam with a spoon and put into the coffee cup. (It is for a foamy Turkish coffee) When bubbles form on top and starts rising, take the cezve off the stove and pour the coffee into the cup.
There would be grinds at the bottom of the cup, do not drink this part.
You can serve the Turkish coffee with a glass of water and a piece of chocolate.
Turkish Coffee has been an important part of Turkish Culture. There is an old saying about it. “Bir fincan kahvenin kirk yil hatiri vardir”(A cup of Turkish coffee will be remembered for forty years.”) It means that the person who offers the coffee is to be respected and remembered for a long time for the sake of his offering. For many people, the most enjoyable side of Turkish coffee is when another person reads the coffee grains, which is a kind of fortune telling.
2 cay kasigi Turk Kahvesi
2 cay kasigi seker
1 kahve fincani sut

Seker ve kahveyi cezveye koyup, karistirin. Kahve fincani ile suyu olcup cezveye ilave edin. Yuksek ateste, sekerin erimesi ve kave ile sutun butunlesmesi icin biraz karistirin. Cezvenin uzerine kopuklenmeye basladigi zaman, kasik yardimiyla biraz kopuk alip, kahve fincanlarina paylastirin. (Kahvenin bol kopuklu olmasi icin)
Yuzeyi kaynamaya ve kabarmaya basladigi zaman, cezveyi ocaktan alin ve kahve fincanlarina paylastirin.
Fincanin dibinde kahvenin telvesi birikecektir, bu kisim icilmez.
Turk kahvesini bir bardak su ve bir parca cikolata ile servis edebilirsiniz.
Turk kahvesi, Turk Kulturunun onemli bir parcasi haline gelmistir. Bununla ilgili eski bir soz de vardir. “ Bir fincan kahvenin kirk yil hatiri vardir” Turk kahvesini ikram eden kisiye uzun zaman boyunca saygi duyuldugu ve ikramindan dolayi uzun zaman hatirlandigi anlamina gelir. Cogu kisiye gore, Turk kahvesinin en eglenceli yani, birinin kahvenin telvesinden fal bakmasidir.


Anonymous said...

That looks really different and yummy :)

I cant wait to try it . thanks

Anonymous said...

Bence dikkatinizi spor bahislerine çevirmek daha iyidir. Dürüst olmak gerekirse, her zaman karları yükseltmeyi başarıyorum, bu bahisçi , bu yüzden denemek istiyorsanız-o zaman deneyin!

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