Friday, December 19, 2008

Turkish Style Lemonade (Limonata)

2-3 lemon
1 cup sugar
2 lt (8-10 cup) water

Wash the lemons and slice them finely with the skins. Place one layer lemon slices on the bottom of a wide bowl (see the picture). Then spread half of the sugar on them (see the picture). Then put another layer of sliced lemons (see the picture) and spread the remained sugar on top (see the picture). Cover the bowl with plastic wraps; make sure it is air and sun light tight.
Leave it all night long (10-12 hours). In the morning, you will see that the sugar is dissolved in the lemon juice. Then with a food processor smash the lemon slices with their skins. Add 8-10 cups of water and mix. Strain the mixture to remove the skins.
You can also adjust the sugar amount at the end. Serve lemonade cool with some ice.

P.S: To prevent the loss of Vitamin C, keep your lemonade covered and cool. Do not leave it under sun light. Do not use metal spoon to mix. Consume in 30 minutes after serving.
2-3 limon
1 su bardagi seker
2 lt su (8-10 su bardagi)

Limonlari yikayin ve kabuklarini soymadan ince ince dilimleyin. Genis bir kasenin dibini limon dilimleri ile doseyin (resime bakin) ve uzerini seker ile kaplayin (resime bakin). Uzerine geri kalan dilimleri de yayin (resime bakin)ve sekerin tamamini uzerini ortecek sekilde yayin (resime bakin). Uzerini hava almayacak ve gunes gormeyecek sekilde kapatin.
Bir gece boyunca (10-12 saat)bekletin. Sabah, limonlarin su saldigini ve sekerin limon suyu icinde eridigini goreceksiniz. Rondoda ya da meyve parcalayicida kabuklariyla beraber limonlari parcalayin ve 2 lt su ilave edip karistirin. Bir kevgir ya da suzgec ile suzun.
Seker miktarini ayarlayabilirsiniz. Limonatayi uzerine buz ilave ederek soguk servis yapin.

NOT: C vitamin kaybini onlemek icin, limonatanin uzerini kapali tutun, sicakta ve gun isiginda birakmayin. Metal kasik ile karistirmayin. Servis yapildiktan sonra 30 dakika icinde tuketin.


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