Friday, December 12, 2008

Pickled Vegetables (Karisik Tursu)

1lt glass jar or plastic container
1/3 cup distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar (%5 acidity)
10-12 baby carrots or 2 carrots, sliced in bite sizes or larger (as you like)
¼ bunch of cauliflower, separated in small pieces (as you like)
¼ cabbage, cut into bite sizes or larger (as you like)
1-2 green tomatoes, sliced (cut a tomato in 6-8 slices)
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp salt
6-8 coriander to taste
8-10 ungrounded whole black pepper to taste
1-2 slice celery heart for taste and to be firm
1lt purified water

Put all the vegetables including the garlic and celery, in the glass jar or container. Try to fill as much as you can by pushing from the top. Add the salt, coriander and black pepper and vinegar. Finally add the water till it covers the vegetables. Close the cap tightly and turn the jar or container upside down for a while to let the salt dissolve and mix the water and vinegar.
You can use the same procedure for pickled gherkins and pickled chili peppers. You can make it less spicy by adding 1-2 tsp sugar.
Place them in a dark and cool place. Leave for fermentation for about 2-3 weeks. When it’s done, the vegetables will change in color, they will be crispy.
Tursu goes well with the meat dishes and especially kidney beans (kuru fasulye).
1lt lik cam ya da plastic kavanoz
1/3 su bardagi uzum/ elma sirkesi ( %5 asit orani)
10-12 minik havuc ya da 2 tane buyuk havuc, istenilen boyutta dogranmis
¼ bas karnabahar, kucuk parcalara ayirilmis
¼ bas lahana, istenilen buyuklukte dogranmis
1-2 yesil domates, dogranmis (bir domatesten6-8 dilim elde edin)
2 dis sarimsak
1 yemek kasigi tuz
6-8 tane kisnis aroma icin
8-10 tane karabiber
1-2 dal kereviz, aroma ve siki olmasi icin
1 lt icme suyu

Sarimsak ve kereviz de dahil olmak uzere, butun sebzeleri cam/plastic kavanoza koyun.Ustunden bastirarak iyice sikistirin.Tuz, kisnis, karabiber ve sirkeyi ilave edin. Uzerine cikana dek su ile doldurun. Kapagini sikica kapatip, tuz ve sirkenin sui le iyice karismasi icin kavanozu bir kac defa alt ust edin.
Ayni islemleri salatalik tursusu, biber ya da aci biber tursusu yapmak icin de kullanabilirsiniz. Tursu biberlerin aciligini azaltmak icin 1-2 tatli kasigi seker ilave edebilirsiniz.
Hazirladiginiz tursulari, serin ve karanlik bir yere koyup, 2-3 hafta fermente olmalari icin bekleyin. Hazir olduklarinda, sebzelerin rengi degisecek ve yediginiz zaman sert, kitir kitir oldugunu farkedeceksiniz.
Tursu ozellikle kisin, kuru fasulye ile iyi gider ve butun et yemeklerine yakisir.


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