Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grilled Mackerel (Uskumru Izgara)

2 whole mackerels
1 tsp salt
½ lemon or lime
1 onion, sliced in the shape of rings
Carrots or other vegetables for garnish
Electric grill or barbecue

First, thaw the mackerels if they are frozen. Then gut the mackerels. You can cut the heads off if you wish. Wash and drain the mackerels. Spread the salt all over the mackerels (inside also).
Let them stay for about 10-15 minutes with salt. Salt the onion rings and other vegetables. Then cook them and mackerels on an electric grill or on a barbecue on medium heat till they are golden brown.
Serve them with lemon or lime wedges. Also potato salad or smashed potatoes goes well with this dish.
NOTE: While thawing the frozen fish, first leave it in the fridge (40F) for 12 hours, then thaw it at room temperature for 4-5 hours and cook immediately. Make sure you do not leave the frozen fish at the room temperature. This would cause the pathogenic organisms to grow and spread all over the fish quickly.

Benefits of Fish
2 tane uskumru
2 cay kasigi tuz
½ limon
1 sogan, yuvarlak dilimlenmis
Garnitur icin havuc ya da farkli sebzeler
Elektikli izgara ya da mangal

Oncelikle, dondurulmus uskumru kullanacaksaniz, cozundurun. Iclerini yarip, temizleyin. Isteginize gore kafalarini kesebilirsiniz. Yikayip suzulmesini saglayin. Uskumrularin hem icini hem disini guzelce tuzlayin.
Tuzun absorbe olmasi icin 10-15 dakika bekletin. Sogan halkalarini ve diger sebzeleri tuzlayin. Uskumru ve sebzeleri elektirikli izgara ya da mangalda orta ateste, kizarana dek pisirin.
Limon dilimleri ile servis yapin. Ayrica patates salatasi ve patates puresi ile de servis yapilabilir.
NOT: Dondurulmus balik cozundururken; once dolapta (4C) 12 saat boyunca bekletin. Sonra oda sicakliginda 4-5 saat boyunca cozundurun ve hemen pisirin. Dondurulmus baligi direk oda sicakliginda cozundurmemeye dikkat edin. Cunku bu, hastalik yapici organizmalarin hemen gelismesine ve baligin uzerinde yayilmasina sebep olacaktir.

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